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Juan Castro traded, Tony Batista released

They traded Juan Castro to the Reds for a minor leaguer named Brandon Roberts. I don't know who this Roberts guy is, but he's certainly an upgrade over Castro. He's younger, and he's getting paid less. Castro's career batting average is .230, and he scores approximately one run every four games, while driving in only one run every five games. He had seven errors this season while with the Twins, while regular starters have combined for just 18. Reds GM Wayne Krivsky can be quoted as saying "Usually when you think of Juan Castro, the first thing you think of is defense. He's improved the last three or four years on offense, too." Am I unique in thinking of the word sucky when I think of Castro? Castro has NEVER played more than 115 games in a season, nor has he batted above .257 in a season. Even when he had one at bat in a season, he struck out. He hasn't even driven in more than 33 runs, ever. He strikes out more than two times his amount of walks. I also noticed that he tried to do too much with the ball when fielding it. A routine ground ball hit to him and he would try to make a Jeter-esque play, when it was completely unnecessary. I'm glad he's gone, but a puzzling question is why was he brought here in the first place?

Tony Batista's release was probably predicted by some and came as a surprise to others; he made 6 errors over the course of 50 games, he struck out nearly twice as many times as he walked, and had a home run in every 35.6 at-bats. In his best season, he had a home run every 15 at-bats. He certainly didn't procude like he has, but he did a lot better than Rondy White is doing, and also did better than Castro did. His release will allow Terry Tiffee to get more playing time.

On that note, Terry Tiffee went 2-3 with a home run, an RBI, and a walk. I've always liked him and think he'll be apart of the Twins' organization for quite some time, unless they decide to trade for Corey Koskie.

I didn't get a chance to watch tonight's game, but I'm curious as to why Gardenhire took Boof out after just 53 pitches, with 31 of those being strikes. He has no problem leaving Radke in after he gives up 13 runs in the first 2.1 innings, but the rook gets yanked a.s.a.p. I'll leave the Radke issue for another time.



  glc00 wrote @

Very nice blog. Keep up the good work. Go Twins!! Go Lewwwwwww!!! 🙂


  Anthony wrote @


I was just reading over your first post and wanted to drop in my own two cents:

First of all, I like your style of writing, but I thought your analysis and use of statistics was rough to say the least.

“Even when he had one at bat in a season, he struck out.”
Anyone’s first at bat of a season can result in a strikeout, and for whatever reason, they can go down with an injury. I think the fact that you mention this is pointless.

“He hasn’t even driven in more than 33 runs, ever.”
Considering he’s never played more then 115 games in a season, does this honestly come as a surprise? When you think about it deeper, not all hitters are RBI guys. Luis Castillo has played in 152 games in a season and driven in 47 runs, yet he is still a good player.

There’s a couple other statistics I’d nitpick at, but I don’t have the time at the moment. If I were you, I’d keep it basic for the time being and not try to over simplify things (“and he scores approximately one run every four games, while driving in only one run every five games”)

Best of luck with your writing

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