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Last night’s game. June 19th

Well, Torii did a good deed last night that helped the team, however I still don't like him much. It was a 2-out homerun, and the Twins hit really well last night with two outs. In fact, they couldn't have hit better with two outs as all 8 of their runs came that way.
Santana pitched a good game, definitely not his best but he got the job done. He had a balk, and if any other pitcher besides him and Liriano had one, I'd be pretty mad, but if Santana gets a balk, wild pitch, hits a batter, etc. etc. and the Twins still win I just laugh at him. He's so good that you just have to laugh, there's no other choice.

Willie Eyre gave up that late inning homer, which didn't matter, but he's still getting a feel for the majors. I think he'll be a fine reliever next season.

Morneau continues to hit the ball well, and if he continues to improve, especially at hitting things other than homeruns, I think there's a shot he hits 40 HRs within the next few years.

Cuddyer was hit by a pitch last night. Does anyone else sometimes feel Cuddyer is sort of like A.J. Pierzynski? A.J. was always getting beaned, and for some reason it sticks out to me that Cuddyer does too.
There is no game tonight, so tomorrow's post will probably be about the youngsters of the team, including guys in the minors.


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