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Twins’ minor leaguers to watch for. June 20th

Four pitchers, one infielder:

Glenn Williams: Had a stint with the Twins in 2005, you should remember because he had a 13 game hitting streak going before getting injured and going on the DL. Anyone know if that is some sort of record? He's a third baseman, and I'd think that as soon as he's back in the swing of things in the minors he should be brought up.

J.D. Durbin: When he pitched for the Twins he didn't do so hot, posting a 7.36 ERA in just 4 appearances, but he averages 8.1 strikeouts per 9 innings in his minor league career. Joe Mays thought he was too boisterous, but when Durbin piped down he started sucking. Joe Mays is no longer with the team, so hopefully J.D. acts like himself and lights up the league.

Pat Neshek: Some feel he should be called up at some point this season, maybe if the Twins are too far out of the playoff race. He averages more than 1 strikeout per inning, and is lifetime ERA is 2.22, but I don't think he has enough minor league experience to be called up yet. He does have his own website, though (www.patneshek.com)! Also, received more votes than any other Triple-A player for the 2006 minor league All-Star Game.

Dave Gassner: Pitched in 2 games for the Twins at the beginning of the '05 season, where he started both games and went 1-0 with a 5.87 ERA while giving up 7 total runs (5 earned) in 7.2 innings. I don't think he's playing in the minors right now, not sure why, but hopefully he can come back and pitch good so he can be called upon if needed.

Scott Baker: I think he's better than Boof, he just needs to not be so nervous. He's pitched amazing in the minors since he was called down, but with Lohse and Silva back up, along with Boof, it doesn't appear there's room for him. Kind of a shame, getting him more experience can only help him.


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