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Last night’s game, Cuddyer, and Radke. June 21st

Twins won 6-5 last night, Joe Nathan was the winning pitcher and Trever Miller got the loss for Houston. Morneau and Cuddyer, the team's leading homerun men, homered and Tiffee got a pinch-hit RBI single. Bartlett went 3-for-4, raising his average to .455. Tonight is Silva against Wandy Rodriguez, and Thursday night is the much talked-about Liriano v. Clemens match up.

(Can't believe I'm about to say this) Radke actually pitched good last night. He did give up a first inning run, which seems to happen every one of his starts, but take away the two home runs and it wasn't even a save opportunity for Nathan. Brad only threw 22 balls, not enough to walk a batter. I am continuously baffled by his first innings. He's a 10+ year veteran, and he's still nervous starting a ball game? I don't think Liriano is nervous any more about starting the game, but Radke has enough jitters to not actually throw good until the 3rd or 4th inning. At the beginning of the year, I said start Liriano and have him pitch the first 2 innings, then put Radke in. I don't think that would've worked, though, as Radke would have probably been nervous. Maybe we need to get an exorcist out there for him?

By the All-Star break, Cuddyer should have amassed more homeruns and RBIs in the first half of the season than he has in the past two years (12 HRs each, 45 and 42 RBIs). He's on pace for 31 HRs and 105 RBIs; if he can do that, and Morneau keeps up his pace, that would be TWO players to have 30/100 seasons. That might be more than the Twins fans can handle; all this talk about getting one 30 HR guy? Pfft, we can get two. I've always liked Cuddyer and I think he's proven himself as a clutch and every day player. 


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  Rebekah wrote @

I can’t believe that I’m about to write this, but just because professional athletes frequently say “I did good” does not mean that you should write “Radke pitched good.” He pitched well.

Isn’t Morneau on pace to have approximately 125 RBIs?

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