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Last night’s game, tonight’s game. June 22nd

Lohse. That space was there so you can think about what he did last night. So you can think again, in case you didn't the first time. In case you didn't think at all,: He didn't record an out, gave up 3 hits while pitching to just 4 batters, with 2 of those 3 hits scoring runs, while walking a guy and throwing just one more strike than he did balls. He's more of a headcase than Brad Radke. When he's on, he can actually do some decent things. Unfortunately, the last time he was on was in 2002 when he pitched a complete game shutout, had the best Ks-per-9/BBs-per-9 ratio in his career with over 46 innings pitched, and had a winning record of 13-8. I just don't see very many positive things about Lohse right now, and apparently the stint in triple-A didn't help him get his mind in the right place.

On a positive note, Silva pitched good enough to keep the Twins in the game, pitching a quality start with 5 Ks and 1 BB. He did give up a first-inning homer, but it seems like all Twins pitchers do that in the season. He also went 1-3 at the plate, although he did leave 4 men on base.

Castillo went 0-5 last night, leaving 5 men on. Not a good night at all, and hopefully he can get on a hot streak and maybe get a 36-game hit streak rolling.

Tonight is a well-publicized game with the starters being Roger "The Rocket" Clemens and Francisco "The Phenom" Liriano. Wait, did I say well-publicized? Nah, there won't be any more attention paid to this game than any other in the series, even though this is the lone game being televised on ESPN.

I saw a bad stat today: Torii Hunter is 0-20 lifetime against Rocket, including 12 strikeouts. Hopefully it will be an amazing pitcher's duel.



  Joe Daddy wrote @

Lohse. Or should I rephrase this to Gardie? Why oh why do you decide to take out Reyes for Lohse? Two pitches, two outs. Hmmm, lets pull Reyes given he is doing EXACTLY what he needs to do. Yes, I understand the basics of right handed vs. left handed, but to bring in a shakey, loose cannon at such a critical point of the game makes absolutely no sense to me. Lets see, a 1.56 ERA vs. 8.87 ERA. I will continue to believe that Gardie is a great coach for the Twins, but I was very disappointed. As for Lohse, he belongs in the minors.

Ryan – keep up the great writing. You better bring your tennis game to Leech Lake. I played a set last week and conquered my talented opposition 6-1. 🙂

  Rebekah wrote @

Astros’ fans thought that Clemens’s return was very important. Highest attendance at Minute Maid.

Lohse is pitching for the Twins in the wrong era. He should have pitched for them in the 90’s. He wouldn’t have been demoted then.

Didn’t I tell you not to use “good”? It’s “well!!!”

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