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Phenom v. Rocket. June 23rd

Twins win 4-2 with Liriano going 8 innings while striking out 7 and walking 2. Clemens really didn't pitch too bad, 5 innings with 4 Ks and 2 BBs. In the 3rd, Clemens threw 38 pitches. Liriano only had 32 through the whole game up to that point. That explains the 3-inning difference when Liriano threw 3 less pitches.

I didn't mind the fact that Gardy let 'Sisco pitch the start of the 8th, but I do disagree with keeping him in after the homerun. Yes, it did turn out ok, and I realize it was to give him some confidence; but taking him out of the inning on a bad note (the homer) is different than taking Silva out after a bad note (walking the first batter) in what way? It isn't. Does Gardy love Liriano that much, or does he hate Silva that much? Who knows.

Tonight the Twins host the Chicago Cubs, but they'll have to use Henry Blanco (former Twin) instead of Michael Barrett. Johan "JoJo" Santana (7-4, 2.87 ERA) takes the mound against Carlos Marmol (1-1, 2.81 ERA) in the Cubs' first game at the 'Dome since 2000. Marmol gave up a homerun in his last start, so look for either Morneau, Kubel, or Cuddyer to get one tonight.

 The Diamondbacks put pitcher Russ Ortiz on waivers yesterday (along with former Twin Terry Mulholland). I think the Twins should take a chance on this guy. The D'Backs manager said it himself: "Sometimes a change of scenery is all somebody needs," talking about Ortiz's 0-5 record this year. When he starts more than 30 games a year, he averages giving up less than one hit per inning, and in those same years of starting more than 30 games, he averages giving up just 20 homeruns a season (Santana averages 23 HRs a year in the years he's started more than 30 games, and Radke averages 28 dingers). He does walk a lot of batters, but he's more of a groundball-type pitcher so double plays wouldn't be hard to find. If you looked at the waiver article, you'd see that he has a $33 million/4 year contract. If he the Twins pick up him up, that number would go down significantly. I'd think they could probably get that down to Lohse's current salary of $3.95 million a year.


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