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Santana v. Marmol. June 24th, and Boof

"Marmol gave up a homerun in his last start, so look for either Morneau, Kubel, or Cuddyer to get one tonight."

A couple people (you won't be named) said that that was too bland of a statement. Well, it's 1/3 of the lineup; and only 1/3 of the 1/3 of the lineup got one. Make of that what you will, that wasn't supposed to make sense.

Santana pitched 8 strong innings, giving up 5 hits, 2 runs (1 earned), and struck out 6. He really isn't a huge strike out pitcher this year. Take out his June 13th start against the BoSox (where he got 13 Ks) and he's gotten 32 Ks in the past 6 games (including tonight's). It's much more exciting to see him strike out 11 or 12, but as long as he keeps pitching well, I'll be happy.

Morneau went 3-for-4 last night, raising his average to .282. The month of June should be renamed the month of Justin. In 20 games this month, he's raised his average 42 points. He's gotten a hit in 16 of those games, and had multi-hit games 8 times. 9 HRs, 25 RBIs, and he's only struck out 13 times. Hopefully he can keep this tear going for the remainder of the month and into July.

Joe Mauer has cooled down, having his average drop 16 points over the last 10 games (not including Saturday night's game). He'll still have a decent season, and hopefully we can get him voted to the All-Star Game (vote Joe!).

I didn't watch Saturday night's game at all, I was at a grad party. I know the Twins won 3-0. Just looking at the box score, Twins didn't get any homeruns but Bonser pitched 6.1 innings w/out giving up a run. Nathan also got his 100th career save tonight, which is pretty cool for him, I guess. He just needs 225 more to get onto the all-time saves list.



  Rebekah wrote @

“Make of that what you will, that wasn’t supposed to make sense.” It didn’t mean that 1 person, or 1/9 of the lineup, hit a home run? Maybe you should learn how to reduce your fractions:)

  frymaster wrote @

It did mean that, and I used my fractions perfectly. 1/3 of 1/3 of the lineup hit a homerun.

  Rebekah wrote @

(1/3)/3 is not a reduced fraction. I didn’t say that you didn’t use them correctly, I said that you didn’t reduce them.

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