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Radke v. Marshall. June 25th

Radke pitched extremely well today. Maybe he's turning around and can pitch like this for the rest of the season. He gave up two hits in each of the first three innings (luckily none of them were homeruns), but then proceeded to only give up one hit in the remainder 4 innings he pitched.

I didn't watch the game, so there's not much to say. Torii did hit a homerun, so for you Torii-lovers that's probably a good thing. I don't really care because it didn't win the game.

Bartlett went 0-for-4, ending his 10-game hitting streak and bringing his average down to Joe Mauer's.

Tonight's game is Carlos Silva (3-8, 6.87 ERA) against the Dodgers and Chad Billingsley (related to Don Billingsley?) (0-0, 3.48 ERA). A win would put us 5 games over .500, something the Twins have never experienced yet this season.


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  Rebekah wrote @

If you had watched them game, you would have seen that the Cubs don’t care about their fielding skills. You didn’t miss much.

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