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Liriano v. Lowe on Tues. night, The Joe Show

Wow do I love the Twins. (Side note: I’m trying what I’ve seen many others do, and have bolded the names of players..please comment on whether or not you like it. Thanks.)

Joe Mauer went 5-5, 1 run and an RBI. Unfortunately, his batting average only went up by 12 points tonight. His closest enemy for the batting title is Nomar Garciaparra, who had the blast of a time going 1-4 against Francisco “The Phenom” Liriano. I’ve seen quite a few more articles on espn.com on Joe Mauer-in the music world, more attention is usually bad-and that’s a great thing. I’ve also seen an increase of posts about him on various sports forums I visit.

Phenom had another quality start, but quality doesn’t really begin to describe it. He allowed two over-the-fencers (new term for home run), so Johan and Brad must be teaching him the ropes. 7 innings pitched, 5 hits, 2 earned runs with 8 parmesan pellets (reference to Major League II [strikeouts]). He continues to be dominant, and you really have to feel for the opposing team when they face him. He is a definite front-runner for AL ROY, and is a possible Cy Young candidate.

More on The Joe Show– Here are the stats for the top 5 leading guys in the majors for batting average, in the month of June:

Joe Mauer – .415 AVG, .495 OBP, 13 BB and 6 K

Nomar Garciaparra – .371 AVG, .436 OBP, 10 BB and 8 K

Ichiro Suzuki – .423 AVG, .462 OBP, 8 BB and 8 K

Freddy Sanchez – .349 AVG, .398 OBP, 4 BB and 8 K

Matt Holliday – .396 AVG, .455 OBP, 9 BB and 18 K

There really is no comparison. Ichiro has nearly 80 more at-bats than Joe so far, and hitting leadoff that number can only get greater. I think it will be difficult for Ichiro to catch up. Mauer is the only one out of those 5 guys to have a better than 2:1 ratio of walks to strikeouts. That definitely improves his OBP. (For the previous statistics, please remember that’s only for the month of June. I want to make sure you all understand that because I had a difficult time understanding it myself, and I wrote the dang thing.)

Off topic: If you haven’t listened to any of Journey‘s music, I really suggest trying. They have such hits as “Any Way You Want It”, “Don’t Stop Believin'”, “Wheel In The Sky”, and “Separate Ways”.



  Rebekah wrote @

I like the bold names.

It was definitely a fun game to watch. Dick and Bert mentioned that the Dodgers are one of the better hitting teams, but I wasn’t that impressed. Is Liriano that good, are the Dodgers in a slump, or both?

What forums do you visit?

  ryfryfan wrote @

Time for this blog watcher to give opinions. After all, isn’t that what this is all about? Unfortunately, I don’t see the Twins making it to the post season. That’s sad for us Twin fans, but just a realistic observation. They played so terribly out of the gate that they may have let all their chances slip away. Who would have thought the Tigers could do what they’re doing? You couldn’t have predicted that one. Nevertheless, if they continue to play well, it’s a fun pasttime. It wasn’t so fun in April and May! “The Phenom” was unbelievable in this game! I really think when he gave up a.)the hit to the first batter, on the first pitch, and b.)the two over-the-fencers, he seemed to get angry and dig deeper. The next batters didn’t have a prayer! He’ll certainly keep us entertained the rest of the year.

BTW, I like the bold names.

  Homer wrote @

Lets not make any hasty decisions until we have played our games against the Sox and Tigers. We all know that The Joe Show will continue. If the Phenom can keep going and The 57 FireBall Express keeps up…………The sky is the limit. Get on Board or get the hell off. I am on Board.

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