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Santana matinee on Wednesday

First, a little off topic stuff-

The Minnesota Department of Revenue announced today that tax data on 2400 people and 48,000 businesses is missing, in the mail. Ummmm, helloooo? How do you lose that much information? USPS didn’t even know it was missing until nearly 1 month after it had been sent out.

Now, Santana pitched about as well as he could possibly pitch. 7 innings, just 2 hits, 9 strikeouts. He did walk 3, but none of them scored. He’s now 9-4, one win ahead of Phenom.

I was enjoying the fact that Torii‘s grand slam wasn’t going to decide the game, but then Juan “Roid Boy” Rincon came in and gave up a bases-loaded, base-clearing double to Olmedo Saenz.

The Joe Show continued today, going 2-for-3 with a walk and 2 runs scored. His average now stands at .392. I’ve seen a couple/few people saying he won’t keep it up, blah blah he’ll end up hitting .320 or .330. True Twins fans told these people the way of The Show, and one guy even bet $50 that he ends up with a batting average .333 or over. I’m rooting for the guy who bet, because he’s a Twins fan and I don’t believe that Joe can fall that far.

Justin “Big Boy” Morneau went 3-for-4 with 2 doubles, an RBI and a run scored. He continues to light up the month of June.

Michael “insert something clever” Cuddyer also raised his average by going 2-for-4 with an RBI and 2 runs scored.

Something I didn’t touch on about yesterday’s game was the fact that they left 21 men on base.

Tomorrow is an off day, and I’m also heading up north for the weekend, so don’t expect something new from me. I’ll try and continue the daily thing while I’m gone, but no guarantees.



  ryfryfan wrote @

I didn’t watch the game, was it even on? I just had the live updates going. I thought for a minute there Mr. Roid Boy was going to give up all of Santana’s hard work. That must be really frustrating for a pitcher. You go out and pitch like the ace you are and somebody else comes in and blows it all away. I don’t think I would handle that situation very well. I guess that’s why I didn’t become a professional pitcher when I had the opportunity! I hope this day off isn’t a streak stopper for the boys.

  Homer wrote @

How about Michael “Big Stick” Cuddyer.

  frymaster wrote @

“How about Michael “Big Stick” Cuddyer.”

Sorry, Homes, but that doesn’t work. My boy Justin is the one with the big stick. Mike’s nickname is Windex, for a reason that only I know. It’s a bit of a thinker.

  Homer wrote @

Windex is fine by me. The name is Homer, Not homes. Get it right next time please.

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