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Two games, one post

Friday’s game saw back-to-back home runs by Justin Morneau and Torii Hunter, along with another good pitching performance from Brad Radke.

Saturday’s game wasn’t as sure, with the Twins being behind 7-6 for the majority of the game. They pulled through, though, with a triple from Mike Cuddyer (with Nick Punto on second) to tie it up. Milwaukee’s closer Derrick Turnbow then proceeded to intentionally walk Morneau, for a reason that is invisible to me. Torii Hunter was then hit by a pitch to load the bases for Shannon Stewart, in his first game off the DL (who ended up going 4-4). He was walked on 4 pitches to bring in the go ahead run. Kubel came up with the bases loaded, and hit a two-run single. Joe Nathan came in for the save and the Twins won 10-7. It stopped their streak of 11 consecutive home games of giving up 3 runs or less.

Francisco “The Phenom” Liriano throws tonight, looking to sweep the Crew of Brew.



  ryfryfan wrote @

The Boys of Summer are on a tear! As a Twins fan through and through, you have to love it. Why oh why can they only make up miniscule ground on the Tigers and Chisox, however? Will the boys from the Windy City and the Motor City fall any time soon? Should be a great game to watch tonight.

  frymaster wrote @

The game is on right now, ryfryfan, not tonight. And, this Motor City team you speak of lost last night by 7 runs.

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