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Twins called up Pat Neshek today, what an awesome day. Now the only thing that’s left is to VOTE! (Click banner to vote)




  Bob Gleason wrote @

The Twins called up righthanded reliever Pat Neshek, a native of Brooklyn Park, on Thursday.

Neshek was 6-2 with a 1.95 ERA at Class AAA Rochester, N.Y. He replaces pitcher Boof Bonser, who was sent to Rochester on Wednesday, on the roster.

  frymaster wrote @

You forgot the other half of the Trib article:

Neshek, 25, struck out four batters in three perfect innings for his 14th save Wednesday night as the Red Wings beat Pawtucket 5-3. He has been a closer in five stops in the Twins’ system — Elizabethton, Quad Cities, Fort Myers, New Britain and Rochester.

Neshek, who graduated from Park Center High School in 1999, was third in strikeouts in the International League with 87 in 60 innings.

  Bob Gleason wrote @

Thanx fryman!

  Uncle Don wrote @

White Sox catcher A.J. Pierzynski edged out Minnesota rookie pitcher Francisco Liriano for the final AL All-Star spot. AL manager Ozzie Guillen will now have seven of his own Chicago players on the roster. There is nothing quite as good as “HomeCooking”

  Bob Gleason wrote @

The “Phenom” didn’t make it. The catcher that everyone hates is the selection!!

  frymaster wrote @

Here’s a quote from Guillen, taken from an mlb.com article:

Most of Guillen’s answers relating to the game itself had a certain common ground: pitching, pitching and more pitching.
“The toughest thing about this for me was making the pitching staff,” Guillen said. “We won’t win without pitching, especially with this game being played in a National League park.”

Yet he publicly stated he would take Joe Crede to the ASG if either a hitter or a pitcher couldn’t play. Liriano and Verlander, anyone?

  zooomx wrote @

Doesn’t Capuano pitch for the Brewers in the National League??

  frymaster wrote @

Yeah he does, I fixed it.

  zooomx wrote @

I agree on Liriano, Verlander and probably 6 or 7 other pitchers over Crede, AJ, and Buerle.

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