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Liriano didn’t make it

As most of you know, A.J. Pierzynski got more votes than Liriano, taking him to the All-Star Game. On the positive side, he’ll have time to rest and be in top shape after the break.

That’s the final vote count for me. My friend voted 1,957 times, and his cousin voted 1,452 times to give us 3 a grand total of 5,112 votes. I crunched some numbers, and if Liriano got 3,500,000 votes (making him lose by 100,000), us 3 had .00146 percent of the total votes. That’s pretty sweet.

And yes, Pat Neshek has his own website. You can type in patneshek.com if you want and it will just redirect you to the site. He has frequent contests with prizes that are usually game-worn hats by players on the Rochester team. If anyone happens to go to his first home game that he pitches in, keep the ticket stub and send it to me 🙂



  Robbie wrote @

I was probably in the 2500-3000 area so we accounted more than normal.

I like AJ but he was alot less deserving than Liriano, Verlander, or Hafner.

  Bob Gleason wrote @

I feel bad, I only voted 800 times.

  frymaster wrote @

“I feel bad, I only voted 800 times.”

You aren’t a Gleason anymore.

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