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3 in a row, but the wrong way. July 7th game.

When Joe Mauer, Justin Morneau, and Jason Kubel all hit home runs, you’d think the Twins would win. This wasn’t the case, though, in a game that brought the possible end of a pitcher’s time with the Twins and saw the beginning of a pitcher’s time with the Twins.

Carlos Silva gave up two runs through the first 1.2 innings, and was relieved by Willie Eyre with the bases loaded. Eyre gave up a double, and then a single, to make the score 6-0 in favor of the Rangers. After that, it really didn’t matter that the Rangers scored three more runs; the 4 the Twins put up wouldn’t be enough. It’s sad that the Rangers got two 2-run HRs, while the Twins got three 1-run HRs. Usually getting on base hasn’t been a problem for the Twins, but for some reason, unless the bases are loaded (or empty), they have issues hitting it out.

Morneau went 2-for-3 with a double and the aforementioned home run, and he also got 2 RBIs. The 2 RBIs puts him in a tie for 5th place in the Majors, along with Albert Pujols.

Joe Mauer went 1-for-4, dropping his average to .388. Lucky for us, he still leads the majors. Also lucky, but just for the guys, he says that he and former Miss USA Chelsea Cooley are “just friends”.
Pat Neshek pitched in his first MLB game today. He did great, doing 2 innings of work and giving up just one hit while striking out a guy. Be sure to check out his website, I’m sure he’d like that. He says that around 9 or 10 this morning he’ll write his thoughts on his debut. That will be a cool read.

To lighten the situation a little, I present to you: Bobby Badfingers



  Uncle Don wrote @

Silva will undergo a magnetic resonance imaging test on his knee Monday after the team returns to the Twin Cities. “We can only hope that it is broken!!

  Bob Gleason wrote @

“Also lucky, but just for the guys, he says that he and former Miss USA Chelsea Cooley are “just friends”.”

Shouldn’t that be just for the girls??

  frymaster wrote @

It could be, if they think Joe is good looking. I personally don’t, but I do find Chelsea attractive, so…

  The Punjab of Javapour wrote @

Nice site

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