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Twins lose series to Rangers. July 9th game

Johan Santana had his second not-as-All-Star-worthy-as-Francisco-Liriano start in a row yesterday, Joe Mauer had his first 2-game string of not getting a hit since last September, and Mark Teixeira hit just his 9th home run of the year.

Two 2-run home runs in 2 straight innings will lose the game for you.

Justin Morneau continues his hitting streak, going 1-for-4 last night. His streak is up to 16 games.

Joe Mauer went 0-for-4, which he did twice in the Texas series, to drop his still MLB-leading average down to .378.

The All-Star break is now in effect, so I probably won’t write anything until the game is over, then you may see a recap.



  Robbie wrote @

I think Mauer will settle in and hit .340-.350 or so this year. Catchers wear down so much. I also think when he starts hitting for more power we will see him settle in that .320-.330 range.

I am telling ya Stewart is the cancer. He came back and we started playing bad ball.

  frymaster wrote @

The Twins are 4-3 since he’s come back.

  ryfryfan wrote @

I don’t think Stewart is the cancer. I see him as too mild mannered to have any kind of infection in the clubhouse. I see it as a pitching problem. We have Santana and Liriano. That’s it. The last two outings, Santana has looked mediocre at best. I think that will pick up after the break. Radke, SLUG! Silva, SLUG! Lohse, SLUG! Crain, SLUG! We can’t go the rest of the season with two decent starting pitchers. The other thing we need is a manager who has a little creativity. Gardie is a good guy but we need someone who doesn’t do everything “by the book”. I’m not saying “Get rid of Gardenhire”, I’m just saying, “DO NOT DO EVERYTHING BY THE BOOK.”

  frymaster wrote @

“We can’t go the rest of the season with two decent starting pitchers.”

Liriano is more than decent, he’s the first rookie since 1968 to have at least 10 wins and less than a 2.00 ERA before the All-Star break. Santana was decent for those last two starts, but statistics show he’s Cy-Young like after the AS break. So what you should’ve said is “We can’t go the rest of the season with two amazing starting pitchers.”

  Robbie wrote @

A .571 clip does not get us back into any races.. We are better off trading some parts and rebuilding for next year if that is all the better we can play.

Stewart went 4-4 in his first game back and other than that has been worthless. He’s a terrible OF’r who hates to DH. Plus he a sub .750 OPS. I am not saying he is a clubhouse cancer. I am saying he does nothing for this team. Redmond would be a better DH. If we could acquire a midlevel prospect he should be dumped.

Radke has not pitched terrible in his last 8 starts or so. I hope Baker can get the ball down and he can easily take the 4th or 5th starter spot. Garza needs to go to AAA and if he is still dominant give him the ball. He’s young but so is Jered Weaver, Fransico Liriano, and Justin Verlander.

  Robbie wrote @

Stewart gets hurt and we start winning again. 4 in a row without him in the lineup. Should have never brought hime back form his injury 🙂

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