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Twins drop July 13th series opener against Tribe

Nobody is perfect. Francisco Liriano proved that today, going just 5 innings (tying a season-low) and walking 3 as the Twins fell 4-6 against Cliff Lee and the Indians.

First off, just want to direct you all to Wednesday’s post, in case you missed it. I showed off some artwork.

Also, something off-topic but funny, Coors company owner Pete Coors admits he was charged with a DUI in May.

Now for the game:
Justin Morneau didn’t get a hit for the first time in 16 games.

Joe Mauer had an error, a passed ball, and lowered his average to .377.

Jason Kubel was out of the lineup due to sore knees.

Lew Ford, replacing Kubel, strained an oblique muscle in the 6th. He was replaced by Luis Rodriguez, who made a great defensive play that ultimately didn’t matter, even though it saved a run.

Renowned Twins-killer Casey Blake hit a homerun in his first game back from a month-long stint on the DL. In 24 at-bats against Twins’ pitchers this season, Casey has 4 homers and 11 RBI. Let’s walk him next time.

I don’t think I’ve talked about it during the Twins’ recent skid, but the pitching staff is who you should point the finger at, if you’re that kinda person. The Twins have been outscored 33-15 in their last 5 losses. The most any pitcher has gone has been 7 innings by ace Johan Santana, but after that it’s 5 innings, 5 innings, 3 innings, and 1.2 innings. In those same 5 games, the starters have struck out 18 batters, but walked 9. The 5 starters in those games average 3.3 strikeouts per walk (in other words, they should either have 30 Ks and 9 BBs or 18 Ks and 5 BBs).

If you’re more of a hater-type of guy, you could blame Joe Mauer and Justin Morneau for batting a combined .258 with 5 RBI in the 5 losses.

Something needs to get turned around with the pitching staff, when it comes down to it. They sucked, they turned around to become elite, and are now sucking again.

Also, I will be gone from this Saturday, the 15th, until next Saturday, the 22nd. I will not be making any posts during that time, so visiting is pointless unless you want to read old articles. Just want to say thanks again to all the readers for helping keep the posts alive.


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  ryfryfan wrote @

I rest my case. Just go back to my July 12th post. PITCHERS (for now, anyway) equal SLUGS! You can’t get it done without pitching.

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