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Twins tie…excuse me, Tyner ties the series at 1. July 14th game

Jason Tyner, yesterday’s late night replacement for the injured Lew Ford, was the MVP in everyone’s minds of tonight’s 3-2 win against the Cleveland Indians.

Tyner has 0, yes 0, career homeruns, in 839 career at-bats. Tonight, though, he did not need one, as a hard-hit ball to right field would do the trick. He drove in a run in the second, in his first at-bat with the Twins this season, but then proceeded to go 0-for-3 until his at-bat in the bottom of the 10th.

Joe Mauer was intentionally walked twice, but did not get a hit. He is now 1-for-14 in his last 4 games.

Luis Castillo legged out a triple in the 5th, but he looked like he was about to fall over after he had to skid to a stop on the base. Things just do not look good for his knees, and he looks like he’s in pain.

TheĀ  5, 6, 7, and 8 hitters tonight (Morneau, Hunter, Kubel, Tyner, respectively) combined to go 10-for-20 with 2 runs scored and 2 RBI.

Kudos to Brad Radke for actually pitching good, although he got a no decision tonight. 7 innings, 6 strikeouts, 1 walk.

If you watched the game you would’ve seen Torii Hunter, trotting home in the bottom of the 10th after Tyner hit his single, pumping his fist in a victory celebration. Well, the bonehead realized that it was hit sharply, not softly, into right field and the right fielder relayed the ball to home fairly quickly. Torii then picked up the pace considerably to make sure he touched home before he was tagged out.

I saw this on mlb.com‘s list of players that are on the trading block: (regarding Rondy White) Slowed down by tightness in his left shoulder following surgery last season, White has yet to ease into the DH role. Could fit in for a team that needs another outfielder and the potential for hits.

He’s fat, and can’t run well, and he’s been a DH all season, therefore the OF bit is done. Potential for hits? If you trade for RondellĀ Bernard White because you need hits, you should be shot in the foot, but only after each toenail is removed through the use of force and pain. SORRY SORRY, maybe I’m a bit harsh. A .182 batting average with 0 homeruns and 30 strikeouts in 181 at-bats could turn a team’s season around almost instantly. I don’t mean bring them to the playoffs, either; I mean take them out of the playoff picture. Maybe the Tigers are interested?

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This will be my last post until next Sunday, so have a great week everybody.



  Robbie wrote @

Looks like Rondy’s shoulder is feeling better.

He has always hit when healthy. However he rarely stays healthy.

  Homer wrote @

Wheres our update? We are all anxious to see what the FryMaster has to say.

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