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Hello boys, I’m baaack. Twins win Tribe series, take opener from ChiSox.

Thanks to Independence Day for the quote.

While I was gone, the Twins went 8-1, sweeping the Indians, and the Devil Rays, and then winning the series Sunday night against the Indians again. Monday night saw the Twins gain a game on the White Sox, and this series could be a big momentum swinger, depending on how we do.

The heart of the order is keeping the Twins in the thick of things right now. In the past 9 games, Joe Mauer, Michael Cuddyer, and Justin Morneau are a combined 38-for-102, or .373, with 5 HRs, 26 RBIs and 20 runs scored. And tonight, Cuddyer hit a two-run homer, followed by Morneau‘s solo shot, and Mauer hit a three-run homerun later in the game.

Luis Castillo had two great defensive plays tonight, using just his glove to shovel the ball to Justin Morneau. He had another subpar night at the plate, though. I don’t know the exact numbers, but Luis is hitting significantly better as a left-handed hitter rather than a right-handed hitter.

Brad Radke pitched a quality start, adding to a nice string of them (throwing out Liriano‘s 5-inning stint on Sunday).

Tuesday night’s game will see Johan Santana (11-5, 3.00) against Jose Contreras (9-2, 3.43). Should be a good game to watch.



  ryfryfan wrote @

Glad to see you’re back. I had to go through a stint in rehab while you were gone! Frymaster withdrawl is not pretty!

  Sarah wrote @

Welcome back frymaster. I look forward to your updates each day. I was going through withdrawls myself.

  Nato wrote @

Uhm hello.. am I on?

Yeah, hi, uhm long time listener, first time caller..

So I just wanted to say welcome back.. and all that. Nice blog, I check it daily. Even last week. Didn’t get much out of it then..

Oh and to rub in that I will be at the Saturday night Tigers game.. If I had any skill as a writer, I’d offer to do an “On Location” report. But I don’t.

Go Twins!

  Casey wrote @

Just wanted to say that the Train is gaining momentum and lookout Tigers because here we come!

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