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Twins drop first game in an important series

It was a pretty important game, but in the 10th inning it was Juan Rincon who gave up the winning run. He pitched 1 inning and gave up 3 hits and the run, and also struck out a guy.

Francisco Liriano pitched like he has been, although he lost his control a little in the last couple innings he played. Innings 1-6 saw him get 10 strikeouts, 1 walk, and he gave up just 3 hits. Although keeping the Tigers hitless, in the 7th and 8th innings he combined for 2 strikeouts, 2 walks, and a wild pitch.

Joe Nathan came in to pitch the 9th, when the game was tied, against the wishes of me and my couch cohort. He didn’t give up a hit, but somehow he walked twice as many batters as he struck out, a huge rarity in the world of strikeout-dominant closers.

Juan Rincon came in to pitch the 10th (the cohort and I felt the pitching order should have been reversed), and let the Tigers double the amount of hits they had going into the 10th, but that wouldn’t have mattered if he would have got out of the inning without giving up a run.

Luis Castillo had a couple defensive plays, both similar to each other, where it was odd that he didn’t get the ball. Both plays were to his left, and both were counted as hits, but usually you see him grab those and flip ’em to Justin Morneau.

Nick Punto got his 15th double of the year last night to extend his AL-leading hitting streak to 19 games, and beyond that he has reached base safely in the past 28 games (he didn’t record a hit in only one of those games).

Joe Mauer went 1-for-4, dropping his average to .373. He’s cooled down quite a bit since batting in the .390 range, but let’s be honest: if he ends the year with a .370+ batting average, that’s awesome. You have to admit, though, that it’s fun to joke around and say “man, Joe’s average is only .373″.

These next two games are very important to the Twins. I think they need to win the series to keep the confidence up, because they’ve done poorly against AL Central teams this year, and beating the team you’re chasing is a big mental boost.

One thing I’ve noticed, and that I don’t understand, is that Terry Tiffee has gotten basically no play as a DH. Gardenhire doesn’t want to put him at 3rd with Punto doing such a good job, that’s understandable. But Jason Kubel doesn’t appear to be 100% with his knee situation, and Luis Rodriguez‘s bat doesn’t really fit in with how the Twins are hitting right now. In 42 at bats this season, Tiffee has 2 homeruns. Whoopee you say, but if you’re saying that then you don’t realize the potential. If he played a full season, he’d hit between 25-30 homeruns. My guess is that he’s in the doghouse for some reason, which is sad because he’s a good player.

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