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Two games in one post

The internet has been extremely bad with the heat wave (the reason for lack of and late posts recently), so this is the second time I’m typing this post as the first one did not save.

I won’t dwell on Saturday night’s loss too much, because there’s a lot to cover with the win today. Brad Radke pitched just 3 innings on Sat., giving up 7 hits and 4 runs. The announcers were talking about how Brad said he isn’t feeling 100% because of his shoulder problem. Well, I hope they can get that fixed because if we make it to the playoffs, and don’t get another good starter by tomorrow afternoon, he’ll have to start at least once per series and he’ll need to be effective.

Kyle Lohse, Pat Neshek, and Jesse Crain gave up 4 runs on Saturday that ended up hurting the Twins. With some late inning rallying, they would have won the game 6-4 if not for those runs given up in relief.

Today saw Johan Santana get 2 strikeouts, the least he’s gotten all season, yet the Twins still came out victorious. Johan pitched badly, but somehow got out of multiple jams to keep the Twins within 3 runs. The opposing pitcher, Jeremy Bonderman, had a one-hitter going into the bottom of the 8th. Justin Morneau led off the inning with a hit, and advanced to second on a throwing error. Jason Kubel followed with a pinch-hit that really wasn’t a hit, as the first baseman Chris Shelton was charged with an error. Either way, Kubel got to second base and Morneau had scored the first run of the game for the Twins. Mike Redmond hit what I believe was a single…I was going nuts and don’t remember what happened, but he got on base and Kubel went to third. Jason Tyner, playing in probably his last game in centerfield, hit the ball down the right field line that bounced over Shelton’s head. This allowed Kubel to score and Redmond to go to third. Jason Bartlett then hit it right at the third baseman, and Redmond had to dive back to the base to avoid getting tagged. The third baseman thought he tagged him, but after watching the replay he didn’t even touch him. This allowed Bartlett to reach safely to load the bases. Bonderman then got on the rubber, but took his hand out of his glove to motion to his catcher to go through more signs. Apparently, taking your hand out of your glove while on the rubber is not legal, and this results in a balk. He tried to argue, but it was pointless as it was a tie game. Luis Castillo, the only guy to get on base against Bonderman (and he did it twice) going into the 8th, grounded out to the shortstop but Redmond came home to score the go-ahead run. Nick Punto had a bad night at the plate, and flied out to left field for the second out. Joe Mauer was intentionally walked for Michael Cuddyer. Bad choice. Cuddyer poked the ball to the right field gap, scoring Tyner and Bartlett. It ended up being a triple for Cuddyer, his 4th of the year. It would prove to be important in the top of the 9th. Joe Nathan came in to get his 22nd save, but he has not been dominant as usual in his past few outings. He gave up a leadoff double to Magglio Ordonez. I was only half watching the 9th but Nathan gave up another double, I think after recording an out, to make it 6-4. Without Cuddyer’s triple, that would be a tie game. Nathan escaped the inning with a save though.

Torii Hunter is expected to play tomorrow, as he comes off of the DL.

Rondell White hurt his hamstring during the game today, but no news on the extent of the injury.



  ryfryfan wrote @

I found it to be an interesting series. I feel we got an opportunity to see why Detroit is in first place. Friday night’s game was proof to me why you have to have skill and a little luck to win these games. The Tigers also can run those bases. They were getting to second on hits that most teams would have been satisfied with singles. They’re pitching was also very good. They may have gotten a little passive by the 8th inning of the third game, thinking they had the series in the bag, and they let the home team walk away victorious.

  Grandma wrote @

Way to go Twins!!!!!!!

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