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Starting pitching fails, Twins lose second straight series

Sorry for the delay, the internet was bad again today. It doesn’t make me happy to report about games where the Twins flat out suck, so I’ll make today’s post short and simple.

Both Scott Baker and Boof Bonser proved they are not fully ready for the big leagues, giving up a combined 15 runs (4 unearned) in 7.1 innings pitched. I believe that Scott will be a great starter, when he’s ready. I don’t really know about Boof.

Yesterday’s game was an afternoon game, not televised, but I didn’t know anything about it until about 6 PM. Bonser pitched poorly, going 4 innings and giving up 6 hits, while walking 2 and striking out 5. He also gave up a homerun to slugger Mark Teixeira.

Some sad news and some probably expected news: Terry Tiffee was sent down to Rochester, along with Scott and Boof.

Mike Smith, a 28-year-old minor league veteran, was called up by the Twins today. He doesn’t have good stats, at all. They aren’t even decent, they’re subpar. He was brought up to provide insurance for Brad Radke, in case his shoulder goes kaput. For God’s sake, get that guy a cortisone shot. He doesn’t have much of a career left, anyways.

A lot of people feel that stud young gun Matt Garza should be brought up to finish the season with the Twins. Well, I can see reasons for both bringing up and keeping him where he’s at. Here are those reasons.

In favor of bringing him up:

  • He probably can’t pitch worse than a mix of Baker, Bonser, or Mike Smith can.
  • It would be nice to get him some experience as to what it’s like, before next season when most likely he will be called up for a good chunk of the year.

In favor of keeping him in the minors:

  • Twins’ GM Terry Ryan has been saying, for about the past week, that Garza needs to develop his changeup more. He uses too many fastballs. What better place to develop a changeup than AAA, where the coach there taught Johan Santana and Francisco Liriano how to use theirs.
  • If he doesn’t  pitch well in the bigs, he could be sent down to AAA again. I’m not in favor of playing merry-go-round with players between the Twins and the Red Wings.

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  garza_fan wrote @

I like your reasons for calling him up and keeping him at AAA. Have you ever seen him, and how dependant is he really on his fastball? Him, Santana, and Liriano should be a great rotation for years to come.

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