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Pitchers from the Royals are really bad, allowing Twins to win 3rd straight

The Royals’ pitching staff has walked 34 batters in 3 games against the Twins. Only 3 are intentional. I’m checking into whether or not there is a record for most walks given up in a 4 game series.

Royals pitchers tonight combined for: 9 IP, 12 hits, 14 runs (13 earned),  14 walks, and just 3 strikeouts.

Twins pitchers tonight combined for: 9 IP, 11 hits, 3 runs (all earned), 1 walk, 5 strikeouts.

I can’t really praise the Twins hitters too much if the Royals pitchers suck that much. Although, my boy Justin Morneau hit his 29th homerun of the year. A 3-run shot to give him 97 RBIs this season.

Nick Punto went 0-for-1, but had 3 RBI. You won’t see that very often.

9 of the Twins’ runs came with 2 outs. They continue to smash it with the inning on the line, and that’s pretty sweet. I would assume that teams get…maybe a bit overconfident with 2 outs, and they slip a little and they can’t do that against the Twins.

Tomorrow’s probable starter is Mike Smith, with a record of 0-0 and an ERA of -.–. Remember, the game is at 1:10 in the afternoon, so be sure to watch it.


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