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Twins pound out season-high 22 hits as they sweep Royals

The Twins had 56 hits in the series, along with 41 runs. 5 HRs, 12 doubles, and 23 two-out RBIs also helped them get the sweep of a central division rival.

Jason Bartlett and Michael Cuddyer both had 14 total bases during the sweep.

Justin Morneau led the team with 10 RBIs.

Bartlett also led the team with 11 hits, and Luis Castillo had 10. Castillo’s batting average went up 9 points during the series.

Joe Mauer, not playing today, led the team with 8 walks (two intentional).

Mike Smith did not pitch great by any means. I personally don’t think he even pitched good. But, he pitched good enough to keep the Twins in the game. He pitched 3 innings, faced twice as many batters as he needed to, and walked 3 while striking out 1. He gave up 4 runs, two of them coming from a homerun.

Tomorrow is Francisco Liriano‘s chance to show that his elbow is in no pain.

Also, I just thought I’d share my “jinxes” with you guys for this sweep:

After the first game, and the Twins scored 8, I was thinking about the Rangers game and how they scored a bunch the first game but didn’t score much the rest of the series. I chose not to post about it, and they scored 8+ runs in every game of the series 🙂

I decided to post about how many times the Twins have been walked in yesterday’s post. In that afternoon game, the Royals walked just two men 🙂


  ryfryfan wrote @

How hapless are those KC Royals? If a Twins’ fan is looking for a great seat in an outdoor arena, look no farther than KC. I think I might head down there next year for a weekend series!

  Ryan wrote @

Nice, that reminds me to talk about the stadium in my next post.

  Sarah wrote @

ryfryfan. I’ll join you.

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